Asteck specialists in Asbestos and lead paint removal Established in 1998, Asteck has successfully completed over 2600 asbestos and hazardous waste removal projects in France. From initial contact to contract completion, we will minimise and isolate all risks on your project. Learn More Asteck specialists in Asbestos and lead paint removal We are specialists in survey, evaluation and the management and removal of asbestos and hazardous materials. A responsible contractor, with over twenty years of experience, based in Paris, operating all over France. Learn More

Professional abestos removal

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Asteck, asbestos removal specialists

Asteck France are specialists in survey, evaluation and the management and removal of asbestos and hazardous materials. A responsible contractor, established in 1996. Over twenty years of experience, we have successfully completed over 3000 complex asbestos and hazardous waste projects in France.

We are specialists in the removal of asbestos materials, lead paint treatment, environmental clean-up of toxic and hazardous materials. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and on our ability to plan, execute and deliver your project, (always on time and  budget).


A responsible contractor

A responsible contractor

Able to complete a professional service from initial contact through to contract completion.

A family run business

A family run business

Established in 1996, Asteck has successfully completed over 3000 complex asbestos and hazardous waste projects in France.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Asteck have all the required Health & Safety Executive licences in place for full compliance and peace of mind. Our commitment to health and safety underpins everything we do. We strive to maintain the highest level of service, no matter your business sector, if you have asbestos within your property we can help you to manage or remove it professionally, safely and efficiently.

Highest levels of service

Highest levels of service

Established in 2003, Asteck France has successfully completed more than 3000 projects. We endeavor to maintain the highest level of service, no matter your business sector, if you have contaminants within your property, we can help you to remove them professionally, safely and efficiently.


Flexibility and experience

No project is too big or too small, we have the flexibility, the means and the experience to make every project a success.

Planning and delivery

Planning and delivery

We fulfil our promise to our clients, by:

  • Understanding your needs and requirements
  • Planning each part of your project in detail
  • Managing the execution of the entire project
  • Delivering your project to schedule and to budget

Professional asbestos and hazardous waste removal

Both commercial and domestic

About us

We are a SME, established in 2003, based in Paris, with over 3000 successfully projects completed to date. We work throughout France.

Asbestos detection and removal requires specialised processes. So you know what to expect: when you work with Asteck, we provide you with an overview of each stage of the process.

What we do

What we do, asbestos removal

What we do

Each and every asbestos decontamination project is analysed and planned in detail. We begin asbestos detection by surveying the contract area to find any potential issues. This is followed with introducing specialist equipment and enclosures (if required) to protect both you, your staff and the working area.

Asbestos removal, lead paint treatment and hazardous product de-pollution all require specialised processes. See ‘What we do’ for more information.

The next step is removal using specialised equipment. Our final steps are monitoring the air for lingering asbestos and safely removing and disposing of all of the removed material. For a more detailed breakdown of the process See ‘Sequence of Works’ for more information.

We are qualified

We are Qualified

It is the company’s policy to ensure the health and safety of all employees and the implementation of the highest quality standards, protecting the work environment in which we find ourselves. The rigorous training of our staff and the commitment of each specialist to execute his task in accordance with proven work procedures allow us to abide by our ‘total quality’ concept.

Asteck are certified by QUALIBAT to undertake asbestos removal works in France and its territories with “Qualibat 1552 – AM580” certification.

French norm, NF 46010, for asbestos removal, also obliges us to respect regulations and laws pertaining to the following:

  • Labour Code
  • Public Health Code
  • Environment Code
  • Construction Industry Code

our history - asbestos removal from corrugated roof

Our History

Since 2003, Asteck France are leading specialists in asbestos removal and lead paint treatment. Health and safety, client relationships, innovation and improvement of our work processes all form part of our “Continual Progress Policy.”

our experience

Our Experience

Our work force is highly experienced and qualified, capable of recognising, evaluating and dealing with hazardous materials. With over 3000 complex projects completed, our expertise is well documented, see projects, clients and references for more information (page coming soon).


our standards

Our Standards

Asteck carries out active monitoring and constant re-evaluation of procedures and work practices ensuring that the highest standards are being met and implemented. Our “Continual Progress Policy,” procedures ensure that information and site experience flows seamlessly back and forth within the Asteck Structure.

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Our Knowledge

If you are in need of asbestos removal or asbestos surveys, call the experts. Asteck France are licensed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to remove all types of asbestos, as well as holding certification from Spécialistes de Retraite d’Amiante en Place.

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Qualibat 1552 – Traitement de l’amiante (Level 3 – highest fibre level)
Number: AM 580

Every one of our employees are fully trained and medically apt to operate within the confines of the laws and regulations in France and the UK, for more information see Asteck(UK)Ltd.



Asteck is insured by Lloyds of London.




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