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Specialised processes

Asbestos removal, lead paint treatment and hazardous product de-pollution all require specialised processes. Each and every decontamination project entails the analysis of the following systems:

  • Checking of the asbestos/ lead paint/ environmental survey
  • Identification of the hazardous products
  • Location and feasibility for their removal
  • Site risk analysis for the project
  • Integration of Asteck systems into our client’s environment
  • Choosing the safest and most appropriate method of removal
  • Protecting environment
  • Protecting our workers during the removal works
  • Removal and treatment of hazardous waste

Asbestos surveys

Before any asbestos removal work can be undertaken, it is the responsibility of the client to undertake a destructive survey of the building. This must be done by certified “Diagnostiquer” and the report produced should state “Diagnaostic avant travaux”.

Inspecting and planning

Asbestos removal and decontamination

Asteck we pride ourselves on understanding your needs and requirements.

Astek France services, industrial clean up

Industrial clean up

Asteck will plan each part of your project in detail.


our standards

Lead decontamination

Asteck France will work closely with you to manage the execution of the entire project.

Asteck service include working with insulation


Asteck will work with you to ensure we deliver your project on time.

Asteck can plan, manage and deliver your fireproofing needs


Asteck working with you to deliver your project to the agreed budget.

Asteck France, project management you can rely on

Project management

Asteck France, we pride ourselves on our project management processes. Processes you can rely on.


our history - asbestos removal from corrugated roof


Asteck have the experience to help in all demolition projects where hazardous materials are prevalent.

Soft stripping

Soft stripping

Our team have the full capability to soft strip any building, large or small, depending on your requirements.

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